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Good bye

Submitted by nk on Thu, 2015-02-05 00:37

This is the last post this blog sees; professional content will continue to be posted on the Tag1 Consulting blog, personal ramblings will disappear. I already asked for this blog to removed. I would like to say in closing: the future of Drupal blog post was not meant to be a critique of Acquia who puts several people full time on Drupal core and contributes more money on top. The future of Drupal blog post was -- or tried to be -- about what I feel the future of the Drupal is: an enterprise-y software with a formal governance on top of the community. Not for the first time my intentions and what people managed to read out of my words are clashing so wildly that it's better not to post more here or the issue queue. Work still requires me to do the latter but I will try to stay away from architecture decisions and any such controversial topics.

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