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This is the future of Drupal

Submitted by nk on Mon, 2015-02-02 17:36

I got these gems from a person at Acquia. I followed up with someone supposedly higher up in the chain but never got an answer. Needless to say I was just an expert helping [redacted] and not someone who makes the decisions for them:


Our colleagues have previously spoken regarding [redacted] web properties. I’m reaching out to introduce myself and see if it would make sense to discuss your web plans for 2015.

Acquia is a Gartner leading web content management provider. Our platform taps into the cost-effective and flexible benefits of open source while providing world-class support for our clients’ websites.

Second email:

Acquia was founded by the creator of the Drupal project and our organization works along side Drupal users to propel their digital properties.

Mind you, this is two years after someone from Acquia pitched Drupal to Matt Mullenweg. I hoped selling open source that some people poured their heart into differs from selling a sack of potatoes. That the salesmen would at least get some rudimentary training on the community their livelihood depends on. That they won't talk like a Dilbert cartoon. I am wrong. And I am out.

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