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Stepping down

Submitted by nk on Thu, 2014-01-30 02:48

As you might've heard, migrate is my last core work -- once migrate is done, I am finished with core development. Meanwhile, I will not participate in any other core issue except those blocking migrate (and the entity query conversion meta). As I have been doing core work for a long time, I am sure there are a few questions. Let me quickly go over them:

Is this a sign of Drupal in crisis?

Absolutely not. Drupal is stronger than ever -- my disagreements and the unacceptable manner in which I have expressed them drained contributors and has driven some away. My contributions are no longer useful enough to counter this, by far. I was not working on beta blockers lately so likely the release won't slip because of this.

Are you gone completely?

I have taken a break from core work before but by now my vision of Drupal differs from others' not just in technical matters but also in decision-making processes and the future of the community. So yes, I will not participate in core development for a long while, likely forever. However, I will still attend DrupalSouth, Dev Days at Szeged and the camp in New York -- these are necessary to finish Migrate. I will come to DrupalCon Amsterdam -- however, DrupalCon Austin doesn't seem likely at this point. I will still use Drupal. Likely maintain a contrib module or two. I'll be on IRC, on smaller channels, like #drupal-migrate in case you need to ask something. And my email, the contact tab, etc. won't stop working.

What about stepping down considerately?

I have dropped all elevated roles I had on, and The Drupal Code of Conduct asks that those stepping down "take the proper steps to ensure that others can pick up where they left off" -- Others have been working on everything I've participated in in D8. There's no issue that is bottlenecked by me, and I don't foresee any disruption to the project. And again, I am not dropping off the face of the Earth -- please, ask away as necessary.

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