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How to get anything in Drupal core

Submitted by nk on Mon, 2013-11-18 22:57
  1. Find a relevant-looking project on github. If the name includes Symfony, all the better. It doesn't need to be the main Symfony project. The characters S-y-m-f-o-n-y causes everyone responsible for core to lose all sanity.
  2. Shovel your code into the project.
  3. Submit for core inclusion. Do not forget the "Proudly found elsewhere" and the "Symfony" tags.
  4. Even if someone points out the difference between Symfony and your project, a few weasel words will easily suffice. Noone will check the actual maturity, documentation or test coverage. Don't worry, you used the magic word "Symfony" and everyone is in your thrall already.
  5. Done! Your code is now in core without any review within a week even if that week is mostly holidays (it is helpful to pull this during holidays so noone can catch this sleight of hand) .

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