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Drupal 8 progress from my / MongoDB perspective: update #21

Submitted by nk on Fri, 2013-06-21 09:45

My entity logic mover patch got in, slimming down the storage controller classes significantly. This will make it much easier to support them in MongoDB. Two things remained (load and baseFieldDefinitions), load being postponed until the NG conversion is done and the baseFieldDefinitions move architecture foundation just got in. This is progressing remarkably well. At the forthcoming weeklong Dublin code sprint I will move the field_sql_storage module inside DatabaseStorageController ending this weird notion of fields existing somehow separately from entities. This will mostly involve a massacre of existing field storage tests as you won't be able to test those separately and changing field purging not to be 'greedy': current field data is being purged instance by instance and when the last instance is gone, the field is dropped. We will change to just purge whatever the storage engine feels purging and once there is nothing left to purge, drop all instances and fields in one go. It will help that there is an ongoing issue where many field CRUD hooks become entity hooks because fields are now config entities.

We have some really big patches ready or close to ready: all entities are becoming commentable. Form modes are coming, very similar to how entity/field formatters can be formatted but for entity/field widgets. There is a pluggable node access storage patch also ready.

I had a patch months ago on turning user permissions into config but that somewhat got lost in the shuffle over how to clean up on uninstall but this is being readied now.

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