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A fundamental discrepancy of Drupal core development and a roll call

Submitted by nk on Wed, 2012-08-15 21:35

Dries in a comment says that the priorities of Drupal core are "content editors over site builders over designers over developers over theoretical purity." On the other hand, the majority of Drupal core developers, including yours truly here, know it much much better what developers need than content editors or site builders or designers. Acquia is doing Spark so I think content editing is covered. But, we need core developers who are passionate about site builder and designer experience. I see three initiatives (official or not) important for D8 which desperately need help:

  1. The mobile initiative (official) led by John Albin.
  2. The project browser to solve / help a critical task: New users universally did NOT understand that you can extend Drupal. This would allow to browse modules and themes on and install them on a site all from the Drupal UI.
  3. Use Twig as our default theme engine. Most work is in this sandbox.

If the audience, as mentioned in the blog post linked above are Drupal shops could they perhaps send in some people to help with these? Or just people working on their own free time. I know the core process can be hard and the development itself -- given the reach of these issues -- not easy. I am making a pledge to help with them: starting September 1, I will give project browser and Twig together an hour of my time every day. This can be spent on patch reviewing, furthering patch discussions, answering Drupal questions over IRC, email, Skype or Google Hangout -- I will help in any ways needed. I do not intend to code myself as I have too much to do of that anyways :) You can contact me via my d.o. contact form.

I have started already by doing some of the necessary Twig work, working on the underlying architecture for writing PHP files (for the project installation) and helping the server component of the project browser deployed on

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Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 2012-08-16 20:20.

Thanks for this, I agree that all three of these issues are important for Drupal 8. I'll do my best to get Project Browser running as a Drupal 7 Contrib and push for inclusion in Drupal 8 Core.