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Five years

Submitted by nk on Wed, 2009-05-06 13:10

Five years now I am with Drupal. First of all: thanks! Belonging to this community is awesome. I owe Drupal everything -- my job, money and indeed, my whole new life now because it was DrupalCon 2006 that dragged me to Vancouver which I now call home.

During these years many a times I asked myself "how long the Drupal craze can last?" -- and only in the last few months it came to me that we just started. See, another question that occured to me several times "Sure, the big company community site is Drupal but the main site is not" -- surely there are many reasons for that, but now I see more hope with unit testing and a focus on usability. Also, Acquia is a big factor. It's now clear that while many companies simply add to the world domination plan of Drupal by moving their clients to Drupal, Acquia simply wants to capitalize on the world domination itself -- see their Gardens and Fields initiative. This will help us expand to markets that we were unable to conquer before.

Even the economy problems play to our hand, too -- when money is tight, then expensive proprietary solutions are not favored. And Drupal becomes cheaper year by year as we deprecate more and more of the people that's necessary to build a site and write documentation (now helped by KDI) and books to help those who fill in the new / remaining slots. If you ever wanted proof that a high profile site can be built quick in house, then see

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