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First sign of we will very successful with SoC 2006

Submitted by on Thu, 2006-04-27 21:49

Someone on the #drupal channel asked that have we seen this page at Joomla! So I clicked, skimmed really quick, hm, nice long page, maybe the problem is that we have not written enough? Let's read it... Hey! The "Writing a Summer of Code application" section is extremely familiar. I had a chat with webchick and she has written this. Then I went over to #joomla a bit furious, and it turned out that they had a gray-on-white note to the bottom of page noting that some sections are based on text from Based, indeed. Their response was very quick, which is good. Even better that now they are almost compliant, as they give attribution and mention the Creative Commons licence. The problem is that they forgotten that CC is not just human readable text, it's a lot more, as can be read in the CC FAQ. Guys, if clicking this link is too hard, then the HTML to be used can be found at this page. We both work on open and free software. Very little is asked. Keep that, please.

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