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The missed opportunity

Submitted by nk on Sun, 2005-12-25 00:57

I listen to an Internet Radio almost constantly via StreamRipper. This lets me re-listen anything I heard in the radio and I liked. That's a missed opportunity to the publishers: they could earn a dollar each time I liked a track IF it would be available without any fuss. Make it simple and make it international. For example, provide a link from the radio status page and give them affiliate cents. Making it international -- yes, the US market is a quarter billion guys, but there are a bit more around the world, even if you count only those who can pay.

Another missed opportunity is the DVD market. I go to the cinema, I watch something and I like it. If I like it, I often go and watch it more than once. But there are some scenes I'ld like to watch now and then. What do I do? Wait a quarter year for the DVD? Or download it from the Internet? The solution is simple: sell DVDs without extras at the movie exit and sell it cheap. There will be several editions later nonetheless...

Think of Internet downloads as competitors. What's the advantage of this competitor? Instant and free. What are its disadvantages? More often than not, it's a bit hard to reach and quality is always dubious. Beat them with free market weapons, you can!

Oh and forget about them being illegal -- noone cares. It's negative PR to call for cops.

Finally, in Hungary it's legal to download via Internet, only upload is illegal.

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