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Submitted by nk on Sun, 2007-12-02 13:07

Following TechCrunch's warning, the freenode community has moved against which logged IRC channels and published said logs without asking constent from anyone (including #drupal ). I myself has mailed and after not getting any replies, I have called them on Saturday night (I happened to be in Israel, so it was a domestic call). Sunday morning Ariel Berkman, the CTO of the company called me informing that they pulled the site. It was a long and friendly talk, and they do want to work on issues, he mentioned anonymizing nicks and we are still in contact by email. The #irseek-victims channel keeps a wiki page.

Let me grab this occassion to clarify again: #drupal is for all coding and also everything that pertains to the community. Problems with administering your own site belongs to #drupal-support . And if you want to have a deep, unperturbed conversation about some development issues, #drupal-dev is the place to go. Some more busy Drupal coders only visit that channel already.

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