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Admin pages

Submitted by on Sat, 2005-05-14 14:41

We should modify the menu structure so it stores an "admin" flag for admin pages. This should be editable from the menu screen, 'cos for eg. it depends on site whether node/nid/edit is admin or not. To save a lot of typing, we could define that all children of an admin page is also an admin page.

When this is in place, we could do the admin theming as discussed in Antwerp: if the page is an admin page, the theme system would like into the directory of the current theme for an admin subdirectory and fetch the admin theme from there. It would be not be a necessity, we would provide some defau

Node forms and the new block system

Submitted by on Sat, 2005-05-14 09:09

I thinking a lot about the multi region patch, and the possibilities it will open.

For example, we could get rid of 'form pre' and 'form post' in nodeapi and have 'form' which calls the nodeapi modules in turn and those set up their blocks -- weighted. We will need to define weight ranges, like 0-1000 is the former 'form pre' and so on.